I came accross this really handy litttle site that I thought need some highlighting within the context of a school library.

Teachers tapThe Teacher Tap is a free, professional development resource that helps educators and librarians address common questions about the use of technology in teaching and learning by providing easy access to practical, online resources and activities.”

It actually offers a whole lot more! On closer inspection you will notice lots of little librarian gems like Internet Resources for Teaching and Learning and their section Libraries, Literature, and Information Literacy houses lots of links to online ebooks,  Author and Illustrator Resources, Book Review Projects , Electronic Books and Online Reading , as well as Face-to-Face and Virtual Author & Illustrator Visits . I also liked the 8Ws of Information and Communication and will be waving, weaving, wiggling, watching, wondering, webbing, wrapping and especially wishing a lot in future!!

It has electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults and deals intensively with information skills and digital ethics. The site lists tools and resources that could be used in the library, for citation and reading. So go and investigate, and bookmark the site in your digital library for future reference and enjoyment.